Custom made Dresses 

Dress Bags 

Custom Dolls, Bears 

Many dolls and bears have been ordered and created as special gifts and mementos. 

Often, they are made to replicate dress particular individual or school designs and colours.



A variety of alteration needs are available for your shape and dress style.

Dress Re-Fashioning services are also provided. This means making it so you can wear your old dress or someone else’s  dress but styled more for "you and new". 

Average Estimated Alteration Cost:

The actual labor time, material costs, changing the design or even changing how the original garment was made increase the cost of alterations.

Alteration examples: Shorten Dress, Shorten Sleeves, Lengthen Dress, Take in Waist, Let out Waist, Add lace, trims, buttons, fabric, Rhinestones.

All Rush Orders: Add $50.00  to cost of alteration

Use this as only a guide as each dress has different needs.